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'' We Innovate, Develop and Execute the Ships of Tomorrow. ''

Born in IRAQ 25 years ago...

Al Zaman Group is a multiple nationality group of companies spread around the Globe.
Al Zaman Group is currently effectively operating in Iraq, United Kingdom, Turkey, South Korea, Malaysia, Jordan and The United Arab Emirates.
Our Slogan abbreviates it all; innovation and development implemented with trust and respect secures the execution of each project no matter how challenging it seems.



For over two decades, we have been providing seaworthy solutions including a wide spectrum of turn-key projects.

Our spectrum of shipbuilding varies from tug boats to special shipbuilding:

  • Commercial Ships
  • Port Ships
  • Special Shipbuilding


corporate culture

Our Corporate Culture has been tailored through combining a set of methodologies to best serve our business to thrive; the main pillars of our corporate culture are our vision and mission statements, our core values in addition to navigating and adapting different geographical cultures.



In compliance with our vertical and horizontal expansion strategy, we are constantly adding new operations in various countries and diverse industries.

Our Latest extensions to the Group have been achieved in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates.



Our Organizational chart is based on competency and efficient work flow that guarantees maximum output and minimum time consumption.